Manna Project

The Manna feeding program provides a nutritious meal for about 1084 children in 10 schools and 2 children's churches in the villages of Tatumbla. Also 70 elderly people are fed as well. The project averages about 20,350 meals per month of rice, beans, flour, oatmeal, spaghetti, eggs, bananas, and clean drinking water for every classroom.

     Construction Project

The construction project consist of a High School building, and a Hope Center for Discipleship. The Hope Center will seat about 400 people, and will be instrumental in helping to build strong Christian Community in the village of Tatumbla. The High School will help the kids to grow both spiritually and academically, for a stronger hope & future.


The purpose of this ministry is to share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Since the inception of this ministry in the villages of Tatumbla we have seen 624 men, women, and children give their hearts to Jesus, and 1167 bibles have been distributed!

 Discipleship and Community Outreach

** Women's Ministry / Bible Study

** Local School Projects

** Local Church

** Rice and Beans Distribution

** Bible Distribution

** Door to Door Prayer & Greeting

** Cloths Distribution

** HFTW High School Project (60 kids)

** Christmas Project

** School Committee Member

**Feeding project for the Elderly

** Baby Food & Diapers as needed

Praise report: Land graded, leveled, outdoor lighting complete, bodega and temporary construction fence built.

**$83,129  approximately needed to build the new High School, bathrooms & septic

**Budget for High School Project:

** $700 per month (includes startup, operations,  teachers, materials, academic awards, celebrations, etc


 Hope for the World Honduras

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