Manna Project

The Manna feeding program provides a nutritious meal for about 1259 children in 13 schools and 2 children's churches in the villages of Tatumbla. Also 130 elderly people are fed as well. The project generally averages about 21,730 meals per month of rice, beans, flour, oatmeal, spaghetti,  bananas, and clean drinking water for every classroom. During the Pandemic the project has helped to feed 2134 families during this difficult time. The ministry also provides all the biosecurity supplies for 11 schools on a monthly basis as needed.  

Budget of $4400 per month

          Construction Projects

The construction project is in need of a small retaining wall for the High School, metal benches, and event platform. The cost will be between $8000-$10,000 to complete this phase. The High School will help the kids to grow both spiritually and academically, for a stronger hope & future.

  Update: The High School Construction is basically complete, and everyone is SUPER excited as the kids have started attending! To God be the glory!!

Thanks to the Lord the High school is in its 4th year! We have seen 18 students graduate since the inception of the school! Please continue to pray for the funds needed to complete the retaining walls, benches, and event platform.

     High School Photos


The purpose of this ministry is to share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Since the inception of this ministry in the villages of Tatumbla we have seen 855 men, women, and children give their hearts to Jesus, and 1463 bibles have been distributed! (this includes the new church plant partnership)


**Operating Budget for High School Project: ** $750 per month (includes startup, operations,  teachers, materials, academic awards, celebrations, etc


 Discipleship and Community Outreach

** Women's Ministry / Bible Study

** Local School Projects

** Local Village Churches

** Partnered w/ New Church Plant

** Family Rice and Beans Distribution

** Bible Distribution

** Door to Door Prayer & Greeting

** Clothes Distribution

** HFTW High School Project (51 kids)

** Christmas Project

** School Committee Member

**Feeding project for the Elderly

** Baby Food & Diapers as needed

  Partnership with new church plant has grown to

  about 145 members and 24 baptisms! Glory to God!!

  In 2022 the church celebrated its 2nd anniversary!!

We are praying that God will continue to bless the

church according to His will as was we watch His kingdom grow and thrive in this village.


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