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Larry and Marsha Bannister

For several years, my wife Marsha and I have had the amazing opportunity to serve on a short-term mission team to Honduras where we traveled to a different village from year to year. We have seen hundreds of people accept Jesus into their lives. God put a real love in our hearts for the Honduran people and a desire to build long lasting relationships with them in order to evangelize, disciple, strengthen, and encourage them. As we began to pray and seek God’s direction in how to accomplish and move forward in this, we realized that He had been preparing us all along to take this next step to full time ministry. As we sought out the guidance of the Holy Spirit things began to happen and doors began to open as we were accepted with "Hope for the World Incorporated" as their faith based missionaries to Honduras. We are now in our 8th year living in the country full time and appreciate all your prayers and support for 2023.

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